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Bringing It Together: 5 Amazing Tutoring Resources
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Bringing It Together: 5 Amazing Tutoring Resources

2022-04-25 18:49:02 |    0

As the world around us has changed, tutoring has also evolved to accommodate the new lifestyles of students and teachers. However, as a tutor, you may still be a little lost when looking for resources that can help you manage your schedule and help you effectively reach out to your students.

This article will contain a list of tutor resources that can help you keep track of your students, material, and schedule!

Number 1: Vectera

If you're looking for a convenient and secure way to communicate with your students, Vectera is an amazing tool. It's a web-based meeting platform, so, unlike other larger meeting platforms like Zoom, you and your students don't need to download anything.

Vectera allows you to have infinite one-on-one meetings with your students, and it has an entirely encrypted audio and video feed. It comes with screen sharing capabilities and the use of a whiteboard. That way, you can work directly with your students as you would in person.

Number 2: Puzzle Maker

Consider creating your learning materials with a website tutor helper like Puzzle Maker, run by Discovery Education. Puzzles are a great way to encourage memorization and test retention. This website allows you to craft typical puzzles that children might use in a classroom and customize it to any topic, size, or difficulty.

You can also find many other educational tools in Discovery Education's suite.

Number 3: VisiBook

VisiBook is another application that can help you communicate with your students between appointments through automated emails or push notifications. This makes it easy to set up reminders and to keep everyone on schedule.

VisiBook allows you to make unique profiles for each of your students. This feature makes it easy to keep track of everyone's learning styles and preferences.

Number 4: Eduflow

Eduflow is an incredible resource that you can use for any learner from the college level and beyond. This program allows you to add other people to your content-building team and is excellent if you're a part of a team of tutors.

Plus, this app allows you to make content in various formats, including images and videos. It even will enable learners to leave feedback for you to constantly work to improve.

Number 5: Finding Local Resources

While this isn't a specific program, it should encourage you to look around your local area to find available resources for tutors.

You may be shocked at how many schools are looking for after-school tutors, universities that offer free material for local tutors, and more. Looking around for resources near you can open you up to new work possibilities and get you in touch with the local community. 

Making the Most of Your Resources

These are just a few of the fantastic resources out there that can help you run the most effective tutoring business possible. By finding a convenient and multi-functional program that enables you to connect with your students and manage your schedule, you can maximize your work time and eliminate mix-ups and confusion.


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